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We eat food and talk about writing.

We eat food and talk about writing.

We eat food and talk about writing.We eat food and talk about writing.We eat food and talk about writing.

About Us


What To Expect

You will get focused time dedicated to writing and mini-lessons on varied writing topics from teachers who love the craft. 

Some of the writing ideas may include nature and art as inspiration, memoir, poetry, and creative non-fiction.


What else?

· a delicious catered lunch

· a positive, creative environment

· amazing people

· laughter

· mounds of joy and inspiration

· little surprises in the mail

· a quartet of wild women using their madness for good


Our Instructors

Bobbi Button--Most of the time she is bodacious.  Every now and then she can be a tad belligerent.  Once upon a time she thought herself badass.  Today, she describes herself as blessed with a capital B.  Her gifts include two talented and humble grown sons, the love and honor of one terrific dairy farmer who just so happens to have the world's best eyes, and grandchildren who melt her YaYa heart.  She also brags about her co-teacher/daughter-in-law, her fulfilling career as an 8th grade teacher, and a mother-in-law she really does want to live forever.  Bobbi earned a BSE in English with a minor in Creative Writing from Mansfield University in 2004 and an MA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University in 2010.  Her love of writing is an infectious part of her that she wants to share with all who listen.


Amy DeCamp--Amy relocated at birth (with assistance) to the first of many small towns she would call home in Pennsylvania.  She finally settled in Wellsboro following her graduation from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  She taught English at North Penn High School for seven years, which included the teaching of a ten-page, ten-source senior project-associated research paper.  She then had three children in two years, so she stopped teaching and started at-home momming.   Since then, Amy has gadded about doing all of the following things: working at a food truck, co-authoring a book, teaching creative writing at a private Christian school, occasionally acting in a play, and lending a hand when it is needed.  Amy enjoys reading, writing, and sharing with her husband and daughters all of the pop culture from the past and present that she so enjoys and make up the person she is.


Karin Knaus--From the Knaus women spinning yarns about catching cats in the barn to her father coming home and weaving colorful tales about high school hoodlums, great stories are a part of her soul.  Born and raised in Tioga County, PA, after college at Susquehanna University and a stint in public relations in the city, Karin returned to her roots to get her Master's degree in Education at Mansfield University and teach English.  Along the way, she's instructed at the Endless Mountains Writing Project, co-authored some books, and devoted time to always be at her most creative as a writer and teacher.  Her favorite days are spent traveling or tooling about the back roads of Tioga County with a notebook and a pen seeking new adventures and stopping to write some new stories along the way.


Jessica Spencer--She resides in Wellsboro, PA, and has been teaching students of all ages for fifteen years since graduating from Dickinson College.  At times, it baffles her brains that overall she has held down a solitary career, because she feels a slight bit of wanderlust and adventure that wants to take over her soul.  But teaching has allowed her to spread her wings into the fields of science, reading, and writing and has allowed many opportunities to not only be the teacher, but also be the student.  She is a lifelong learner who has tucked away bits and pieces from the people, places, and experiences that make her who she is.  It is her goal to get people to rediscover these inner stories and share how even the simplest to some can incite a revelation to another.  She looks forward to meeting you with pen in hand to finally let your stories find their place.


Our Why

We love writing.


We love to recall a memory and splash it in bold color on a blank page.  We love to trek forward in our own understanding of how we feel.  We like to explore the deep swimming hole of our words and say something in a fresh way.  We love to create.  To expound.  To lilt.  To share.  


We know we aren't alone.


Our next great adventure is to grab opportunities to share this joy with others just like us, and to grab them tightly with both hands.


We are Teachers.  Creators.  Travelers.  Innovators.  Adventurers.  Dreamers.


We are writers.

We are Inspire, Ink.


Join us.


March 14, 2020

Inspire, Ink Workshop

8 am - 4 pm

Warehouse Theater Gallery Wellsboro, PA

Event Details

March 14, 2020

Inspire, Ink Workshop

Join us at the Warehouse Gallery for a full day of writing on a variety of topics. Lunch, which may include well-seasoned pork, will be prov...

Event Details

8 am - 4 pm

Warehouse Theater Gallery Wellsboro, PA

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